ShAKIRA ALLEYNE IS a thoughtful WRITER and MUSICIAN from north london.

Her focus as an artist is to reconnect people with raw emotions in a time where she feels the evolution of technology is creating a general sense of detachment. She achieves this through her poetically driven lyrics, atmospheric sounds and sometimes sinister vocals.

She tends to take most of her inspiration from life experiences and observations using her love for writing to create honest and relatable content. There are a few artists who have had an influence on her songwriting style including Keaton Henson, Mac Miller and James Blake. In the past year she has continued to develop as an artist having been interviewed twice as a BBC Introducing guest as well as performing at various venues such as The Notting Hill Arts Club.

She is currently a Resident Artist at The Roundhouse and is working on a performance which combines both music, visual arts and writing to explore themes such as isolation and identity.